Terms and Conditions


Terms And Services

All customers will be asked to give prior written permission for Wilderness RV Services to perform diagnostic, repair, and/or servicing for work on all RV’s.

All services are billed based on the following: Trip charges of $60.00 for first 30 miles and $2 per additional mile, total service hours, and parts and/or supplies. All applicable state and local taxes apply.

For all service hour charges, the clock starts when the service tech arrives at the customer’s location. The hourly labor rate is $135.00 per hour. The Services are then billed in 30 min. increments with a minimum 1 hour billed for each call to cover the minimum time necessary for appropriate inspection and diagnostics. In the event that the tech finishes inspection and repair prior to the end of the first full hour, customers can request to have other areas of their RV serviced at no additional charge in that hour.

All charges are calculated at the completion of each day’s current services. If additional service is needed (example: parts pick up and install) these charges will be billed separately when completed. Return trip service charge is at half rate of original service call.

Wilderness RV Services requires that either the customer (or designated adult) be present for the duration of the service request. Accommodations will be considered at the request of the customer and approved by Wilderness RV Services.

Wilderness RV Services technicians may take job specific photos of the work completed. These pictures are used for training, educational, and marketing purposes, verification that the job was completed to customer’s satisfaction and complies with industry standards. All customers are welcome to be present, review, approve, and/or request copies as well. Wilderness RV Services agrees not to sell, distribute, or use these photos for any other purpose than listed above.

Unless preapproved, late cancellations within 4 hours of a schedule time is subject to a $100 service charge.


All work performed is warranted for a period of 60 days from date of service. All parts are warranted at manufacturers warranty time period. Wilderness RV Services gives no parts warranty.

 Disposal Services and Fees

Recycling and disposal of appliances, hazardous material, waste and debris:

Wilderness RV Services is committed to complying with all ordinances regarding proper disposal of unwanted appliances, hazardous materials & waste.  This ensures that your items are disposed of using the best environmental practices & keep us all safer.   As a convenience, we offer a safe disposal option for our customers as follows:

Large appliances (ex: refrigerator): $100

Medium appliances (ex: air conditioner, large television): $75

Small appliances (ex: water heater, furnace): $50

Furniture: $25-$100 each (depending on size)

General large debris (counters, cabinets, wood): $25

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